For anyone who has an interest in Surface Coatings Technologies.

The interchange of ideas on technology leads to better products and consequently bigger and wider markets and a better understanding within the industry.

SCAA aims to foster interest in all areas of surface coatings, not just the technical aspects. In line with this policy, its current membership includes people from purchasing, marketing and sales as well as scientists and technicians employed in the research and development, quality management and technical service fields.

To further strengthen this association, SCAA has instituted an “Academic Membership” category, specifically for those individuals working in academia in the field of surface coatings. SCAA extends a membership invitation to people interested in connecting with SCAA and to receive the various benefits enjoyed by members. Membership is at no charge and Academic members will also receive regular eNews and hard copy Journals.

Join SCAA today … you will meet Manufacturers, Marketers, Users and Suppliers.

Benefits of Membership

  • 6 issues of Surface Coatings Australia Journal free of charge
  • 11 issues of the eNewsletter
  • Discounted rates on Annual Conference registration
  • Discounted rates on e-learning Course
  • Access to the eRMI (On-line Raw Materials Index) – not available to non-members
  • Discounted rates on textbooks (save $25 to $30)
  • Eligibility for Professional Grading (a peer group qualification awarded by the association in recognition of a member's professional standing in the surface coatings industry)
  • Membership of SCAA provides the opportunity to build friendships with others in the industry, and to network with colleagues who have similar interests.

Membership Enquiries

New Membership Online Application

Membership Eligibility

Members shall be persons who have a connection with or interest in the coatings industry and shall have satisfied the Association Council as to their suitability.


  • Australian Resident: $275 inc gst
  • Australian Retired Members: $66 inc gst
  • Overseas Resident*: $300
  • Academic Membership**: Nil
  • Full Time Student^: Nil
  • Part Time Student*** ^: $138 inc gst

New Membership PRO RATA:

Australian Resident:

  • $275 inc. gst (July 1 – Sept 30: 100%)
  • $206 inc. gst (Oct 1 – Dec 31: 75%)
  • $138 inc. gst (Jan 1 – Mar 31: 50%)
  • $275 inc. gst (Apr 1 – Jun 30: 100% inc. 3 months bonus)

Part Time Student:

  • $138 inc. gst (July 1 – Sept 30: 100%)
  • $104 inc. gst (Oct 1 – Dec 31: 75%)
  • $69 inc. gst (Jan 1 – Mar 31: 50%)
  • $138 inc. gst (July 1 – Sept 30: 100%)

Membership Information

  • Membership is for individuals only.
  • Membership period will be for 1 year on a financial year cycle.
  • All memberships will renew at the same time.
  • Memberships are not transferable.
  • *Overseas members exempt from GST, but incur a loading to cover postage costs.
  • **Copy of relevant institution business card/details required for upload in the Application Form.
  • ***Student undertaking a relevant part time course at an approved institution or a course sponsored by SCAA and in employment in the industry.
  • ^Copy of Student Card/Registration required for upload in the Application Form.