SCAA eLearning

SCAA is a provider of online Surface Coatings Technology courses.

Employees in the surface coatings industry today are faced with growing demands in their working and personal lives. A sound knowledge of the technologies employed by the industry is extremely valuable, and is not generally delivered by prior education. The Surface Coatings Association Australia (SCAA) has been the provider of technical education to the coatings industry for many years, largely via classroom-based courses, and mainly in Sydney and Melbourne. But today, not everyone has the flexibility in their time, nor in their location, to attend such courses. To meet these needs, SCAA continues to develop its Surface Coatings Technology courses into self-paced, online, eLearning formats. Current Courses are INTRODUCTION TO SURFACE COATINGS and ADVANCED COURSE IN SURFACE COATINGS TECHNOLOGY. You can ENROL ANY TIME by completing the online REGISTRATION & PAYMENT Form in each course page.